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Automotive Parts

At Sakuma, we are able to produce a variety of automotive parts with the high quality and precision demanded by the automotive industry. We can produce parts ranging from solenoids, sensors, pumps, and more.

We work with manufacturers in Japan and Thailand to provide high-quality, efficiently manufactured parts for our customers.

Our Automotive Partners

Transmission spools

Sakuma provides alumite coated valve spools for Automatic Transmissions.


Sakuma can provide complex bushings manufactured by cold-press technology that reduce the amount of machining needed.

Solenoid valve sleeves

Sakuma can supply solenoid valves sleeves that require complex shape processing and high-precision cutting and grinding


Through advanced cold-press technology, Sakuma can supply sprockets made with little to no machining- greatly reducing the coat to produce these parts

Our goal is to provide high-quality steel materials to our customers.

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