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Sakuma provides magnets for a wide array of industries and applications. Many of the products containing our magnets are used by millions of people every single day.

Our magnets utilize the light rare earth element Neodymium (NdFeB) in order to produce a good magnetic force. We ensure 0% heavy rare earth elements in our magnets, and we focus on producing magnets with China-free raw materials.

Our main supplier for magnets is Daido Electronics Company.

  • Heavy Rare Earth Element Free
  • Produced using China-free raw materials
  • Can help to achieve Carbon Reduction goals

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Generate torque as a rotor for brushless motors. Combined with controlled magnetization, realize quiet and smooth rotation, giving rise to a natural feeling of steering.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Rotation Sensor Magnet

Important parts to detecting steering angle and controlling. Detect motor rotation angle.

Power Seat Sensor

Sensor for electric power sheet detecting seat slide position.

Power Window Sensor

Pulse sensor for electric power window detecting rotation of motor.


Sensor for electric shifting AT detecting shift position.

Variable Cam Timing (VCT)

Sensor magnet for electric VCT motor. Detect engine valve opening and closing timing.

Other Magnet Applications



AC Compressors

EV motors (PMAC motors)

Rotors for DC Drive Motors

EGR Cooling Systems

Our goal is to provide high-quality steel materials to our customers.

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