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Our mission is to propose the best materials for the needs and requirements of our customers.

At Sakuma, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our processes and reduce costs for our customers. We optimize product design by determining optimal construction and assembly methods by modeling with 3D CAD and using 3D printing technology.

Planning Proposal Consulting

To make value-added total proposals from material selection to processing methods.

Global Strategy

To support local procurement and overseas extension.

Quality Assurance System

To provide thoroughgoing security and safety and reliability.

How We Optimize Methods to Increase Efficiency

Example 1: Method change by establishment of plate technology

Press/Cutting – Press fitting of sintered product – Welding

CR. effect : $0.37M

Eliminate sintered product

Increasing hardness by press method

Our Proposal
Integrated molding by press – Cutting (Min. cutting allowance)

Example 2: Realize ultra-fine diameter hole drilling by establishing pressing method

Drilling incomplete hole 2.5D×22.4L
Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 2.42.17 PM

CR. effect : $1.93M

Avoid trouble caused by drill breakage

Elastic range expansion by cold work

Our Proposal
Change method to pressing by development forgeable material

Our goal is to satisfy the need for steel material for our customers.

Information Management

We have real-time information on orders, progress, and shipments, and respond accurately and promptly to customer inquiries.

Processing Equipment

We utilize a wide variety of processing equipment, such as cutting machines, chamfering machines, and inspection equipment, in order to meet customer needs.


Our global network of warehouses, factories, and offices allows quick delivery of special steel products and parts to our customers.